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In Winter Margrit creates many types of felt objects. In 2012 a Felt Project in the Nambucca valley took place. Ten Aboriginal women artists created, with the help and expertise from Margrit Rickenbach, created a big body of artwork in felt.

An exhibitionof this work was held in Boomaali Gallery in Sydney and a catalogue was printed.

Felt and textile work can be seen at the "Atelier" in Bowraville 2449 Australia.

Felting originated in Central Asia, and was a way of making insulation. Felt is made by layering cleaned, carded wool to a desired thickness, then wetting and rubbing it until the fibres mat. Margrit saw the craft being used to make clothes and to build the traditional Mongolian houses known as yurts during a visit to that country in 1995.

Nyamibiin Gaagalnyarr Juluumnyarr
Women from the Sea & the Mountain

From the Nyamibiin Gaggalnyarr Juluumnyarr Collection - Artist is Aunty Emily Walker

A Collection of Atrworks, created by Gumbaynggirr Artists with Swiss Artist Margrit Rickenbach

You can get the book from:
    Muurrbay Aboriginal Artists Cooperative
     14 Bellwood Rd
     Nambucca Heads NSW 2448

     Tel 02 65694294

Felting Workshop
Margrit conducted workshops on felting with elders and members of the Gumbaynggirr community in a project initiated by Beyond Empathy, an independent organisation that uses the arts to build relationships between generations in disadvantaged communities. Fifty of the resulting works, which include wall hangings, were exhibited at Melbourne's Koori Heritage Trust.

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