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The Glasshouse Exhibition Flyer (2012)

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Welcome to Light Sculpture & Light Lantern

Exhibition of Claude's Art

Exhibition Flyer

There will be an Exhibition of selected works of Claude Teyssier. Details as follows:

Dates: Saturday 26th of September to Saturday 10th of October.
Opening: Sat. 26th Oct 10 am.
(During school holidays)
Every day the Exhibtion is open from
10 am to 4 pm.
Where: Pioneer Community Center
70 High Street
Bowraville NSW 2449
Enquities Margrit Rickenbach 02 65647067

Claude Teyssier

Postcard from Claude

(English) On the 19th of September 2019 Claude Teyssier died after a short sickness at home in Missabotti. His artwork will stay with Margrit Rickenbach in Australia, Antonin and Serpentine Teyssier in Paris, France. Taking care of his artistic legacy. Margrit and friends of Claude are working on a catalogue of all his paintings, masks and sculptures. An exhibition is in preparation for 2021/22 on the Mid North Coast of N.S.W. Australia. All information about future projects with Claude Teyssier and Margrit Rickenbach's artwork will be available on this Website.

(Germain) Am 19. September 2019 starb Claude Teyssier, unerwartet/ erwartet Seine Kunstwerke aber bleiben mit uns und sind sorgfaeltig aufbewahrt bei Margrit Rickenbach in Bowraville NSW Australia Bei Antonin Tesyssier und bei Sepentine Teyssier in Paris France. Zusammen mit Freunden kummern sie sie um Claudes Hinterlassenschaft und arbeiten an einem Katalog und an einer groesseren Ausstellung in der Region. Weitere Information ueber Claude Teyssier und Margrit Rickenbachs Ausstellungen und Dokumentationen werden sie weiter in dieser Home page finden.

(French) Le 19 Septembre 2019 Claude Teyssier est mort, inatendue/ atendue. Mais son oevre d'art restera avec nous. Margrit Rickenbach, Antonin Teyssier et Serpentine Teyssier prend soin de tous ses pintures, maskes, et sculpture. Margrit et des amies de Claude sont entraine de fair un cataloque avec tous ses traveaux artistique. Une exposition est preparer dans la region pour 2021/22 avec Claudes pintures et masque. Pour des futures art project from Claude Teyssiers and Margrit Rickenach, vous allez les trouver des rensignement sure cette Website.

Postcard from Claude

Gallery 58a at Bowraville

Gallery 58a

We are now spending more time at the studio in Bowraville, and are transforming it into a little gallery. We have no special opening times but you can see through the window.

We are not making lanterns at the moment, but we are painting and restoring masks.

If we are closed, and you would like a closer inspection, you can call us on 02-6564-7067 to make an appointment.

Interior of Gallery 58a

Interior of Gallery 58a

Volkswagen Spectacular

The Volkswagen Spectacular in the Nambucca Valley was a big success and our 'Lady Beetle' was part of it.

The Lady Beetle

Coast Beat Magazine

We were interviewed by Coast Beat magazine. The magazine is available throughout the Mid North Coast. The article can be found on Page 40/41.

It is also available at

the website has an article about Bowraville at    Bowraville...

Visit to Nepal:

Our time in Nepal was colorful, challenging, very nice, very sad, everything... and the most beautiful people we have ever seen.

The Boudhnath Stupa (Buddhist Shrine)

We no longer have the studio in the old garage in Bowraville. It was a lot of work to clean up and remove all the lanterns which were stored there. Some lanterns have been stored elsewhere or donated to various organisations. The whale has gone back to Port Central shopping centre in Port Macquarie. Thank you to all those who helped with the cleanup....

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